Cari Poulet ( Curry Chicken - Reunion Island )

Cari Poulet - Curry Chicken Reunion Island

(4 - 6 persons)


· 8-10 drumsticks chicken or chicken cut into pieces to entire

· a small can of tomatoes , whole or 6 or 7 tomatoes fresh

· a small can of beans (kidney beans or white), also possible with lenses

· 3 or 4 onions according to size

· 4 or 5 cloves of garlic

· a piece of ginger

· soybean oil

· normal oil

· saffron

· thyme to branch or dehydrated (potted)

· salt , pepper

· Preparation: 10 minutes

· Cooking time: 60 minutes

· Waiting: 0 min

· Total time: 70 minutes


1 Put the chicken to cook with a background of natural oil. At the end of cooking, add a generous dash of soy oil (will color, brown the chicken). 

2 Cut into very small pieces of onion, garlic and ginger (if you have a pestle, c ' the ideal is to crush each ingredient). By booking a party for grains (about a quarter). 

3 Remove chicken when cooked. Degrease . Saute onion and garlic and ginger. Add a few sprigs of thyme. 

4 Pour a large tablespoon of saffron (will color your plate in orange). Pour the tomatoes. Salt and pepper. Add the chicken and let simmer over low heat for a Haure. 

5 Meanwhile: preparation of grains. Saute onions and garlic and ginger. Add a teaspoon of saffron. Pour some soy oil for flavor. Add the beans. Then add a few sprigs of thyme.

6 Cook rice. Serve everything together. You can also add the rougail (chilli paste) to meet all (careful, it's very spicy).

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